Doctor pursues his dream

Native Texan William Doctor is graduating with his bachelor’s degree in Sports Communication and Media Studies. Doctor transferred to Texas Wesleyan his sophomore year to study communications and was looking to compete for a team that was a little more competitive in golf. Texas Wesleyan was a perfect match for both. 

That year, the golf team ended up winning the NAIA National Championship (2019). “It was awesome to be able to spend every day with great players,” said Doctor. But after that year, Doctor turned his interest from competitive golf to sports communications. 

“Dr. Colley gave me a high amount of confidence that I would be ready to start a career in sports communications,” Doctor said. He began to develop a love for the written word and was fascinated with the way journalism was transitioned into multimedia forms. After a year of working for the Rambler, he took an internship with ESPN 97.5 Houston, contributing content and co-producing radio shows, and has been completing school virtually. 

“I remember the first time Will came into my office,” Dr. Kay Colley said, “He looked like a golfer with his cap, shorts, golf shirt, tennis shoes and golf tan.”

Colley said he wanted to talk about his classes and plan his upcoming schedule. “He was on Wesleyan’s golf team and competing pretty heavily throughout the year and that was his focus. He didn’t really know what he wanted to do when he graduated,” she said.

“I think virtual learning has been a challenge that I have embraced,” he said. Although he has a fantastic job, it’s been a tough year. Doctor’s dad passed away in October 2020.  He considered taking sometime away from school and work but chose to continue honing his craft at work and through virtual classes.  

Colley said, “It was so clear to me, and to everyone else in the department that Will has found what he loved. Then the real Will came to class, worked on projects, helped his classmates and became involved in the major. It was so exciting to see that in him.”

“I’m so proud of Will’s accomplishments, and I’m looking forward to seeing what else he can do, because I guarantee you it will be incredible!” said Colley.

“I wouldn’t be here without Dr. Colley and Dr. Dean,” he said. “Dr. Colley has taught me so much about public relations and sports media, and Dr. Dean has had a big influence my multimedia, photography and production skills.”

Presently, Doctor has been interning at ESPN Houston for the past year, working with writing and creating podcast content for the radio station.

“For me, the greatest thing about being here is I’m able to produce content for every sport, whether it’s football with the Texans, basketball for the Rockets or baseball for the Astros, I’m able to continue my knowledge and all those sports,” Doctor said.

Doctor said that growing up he had always aspired to be some sort of professional athlete for sports like baseball or golf for high school or college. He didn’t consider sports communications and media as a real passion until sophomore year.

“I’d say my aspirations are to make it to the highest levels of Sports Communication and Media and hopefully, at some point, transfer over into to sports operations for a franchise, whether that be baseball, basketball, football or even golf,” Doctor said.

Doctor said he would have loved to have done more communication projects in college and felt he wasn’t able to connect with the Rambler Media Group much at all. He plans to continue to work for ESPN Houston after graduation.

“The pandemic has been unfortunate in that aspect, but Dr. Dean and Dr. Colley got me ready, very quickly, for the real world. They really took a year and then the pandemic hit, and it was time to get a job. So, things have things have worked out,” Doctor said.