Aging equipment is upgraded in the fitness center

Morton Fitness Center Director Aaron Whaley has the designated stations prepared for the new equipment.

Outdated equipment in the Morton Fitness Center was replaced on Mar. 30 by newer equipment with better technology.

The fitness center purchased 3 treadmills, 2 stationary bikes and 1 stairmaster with funds saved during the pandemic, trading in used equipment for discounts and with a little financial help from the Department of Student Affairs.

Some of the retired equipment was 12 years old or falling apart according to the Director of the Morton Fitness Center Aaron Whaley, who explained the condition of the retired machines.

“The bikes needed work. You could no longer add resistance to them. You could still pedal but you weren’t able to add resistance to make the bike tougher,” Whaley said.

This is the older functioning Cybex equipment that is being traded in to discount the newer equipment.

Also, the running belt on several treadmills were hazardously loose causing users to be unsteady as they ran. Joel Varela, an IT technician, uses the fitness center everyday during his lunch hour and experienced the results of the deteriorating equipment.

“You couldn’t go past 5 miles per hour without the band trying to skip on you,” Varela said. “If you went too fast, you’d find yourself tripping so often because the band would get stuck.”

Once the broken treadmills were out of commission, gym users experienced long wait times to use the 2 working treadmills.

Second year Student Government Association (SGA) secretary Brooklyn Rowe, an exercise science major, is looking forward to the new technology of the curved track treadmill. Users will be able to change their running pattern without stopping or slowing their speed because the treadmill adjusts automatically.

Exercise Science major Brooklynn Rowe cannot wait to use the curved automatic treadmill that adjusts to the runner’s pace instead of having to manually adjust speed.

“I am very excited! I am really happy that we are getting some new equipment,” Rowe said. “I know some of this stuff is older and out of date so I am glad we are getting some new stuff that is trendy and encourages people to come and get more involved.”

The new purchase included 2 Intenza 450 Upright Bikes, 2 S.B. Full Commercial Club Rated Curved Treadmill, a Spirit CT850 Treadmill and a Matrix Endurance Stepper with LED Console.

During Spring 2022 semester, the Morton Fitness Center is open Monday through Thursday from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m, Friday 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Sunday 2 p.m.