Comic book fans on campus start new club

The organization focuses on traditional comic books and manga books, a Japanese style of comic books aimed at adults. (Ariadna Garza)

The Comic Book Club is a newly established student organization at Texas Wesleyan University. The organization focuses on comic books and manga but is open for anybody.

Juan Castro, a fourth year student criminal justice major, is the president of the club. He has many ideas on ways to engage the organization. “The school used to buy movie tickets for students when a new Marvel or DC movie came out,” Castro said. ”We want to be able to grow the club to that extent where we can go watch those movies and discuss them after.”

Gabriel Contreras, a second year double major in criminal justice and psychology, had been pushing for a comic book club to start up because he wanted to connect with students who shared the same interests.

“As a freshman at the time, it was one of those things where there weren’t many people to talk to,” said Contreras. “Doing this club would be a nice way for some introverted people to talk to each other.”

Visiting Professor of Sociology and Criminal Justice Dr. Eddy Lynton is one of the advisors for the club. “Seeing as the students really wanted to start this organization, Dr. Adkinson
and I were definitely on board.”

Adkinson and Lynton are the founders of the Adkinson-Lynton Comic Collection found in the Eunice and James L. West Library.

“We just want to create more student interaction and make Texas Wesleyan a funner place,” Castro said.

The Comic Book Club meets every Thursday in the Polytech University Methodist Church (PUMC) at 12:00 p.m. in room 126.

The Adkinson Lynton Comic Collection room in the Eunice and James L West Library. (Ariadna Garza)