Studying abroad is a great adventure


brianna study abroad

College is all about new found freedom, independence, finding yourself, and learning professional skills.

But sometimes you must go the extra mile to make the most of these experiences.
You should study abroad if you are looking for the ultimate college experience. It is the most beneficial and unforgettable experience, especially if you have never been out of the country before.

If you have ever considered studying abroad, but haven’t due to your budget, work schedule, daily responsibilities, family life, insecurities or doubts, I can tell you from experience that there is a way around this: sacrifice. Consider the pros and cons before you disregard an opportunity of a lifetime.

Any sacrifices you must make to study abroad are well worth it. In the end, you will realize that your decision to study abroad was one of the best decisions of your academic career.

I learned so much about culture, government and religion than any book could ever teach me on my two week study abroad trip this summer to Quatar, Thailand, Cambodia and Singapore. I loved experiencing the culture and food and being part of the various religious rituals I encountered as I explored these countries.

I cannot wait to leave my little corner of the world again and experience a new country. In fact, I have decided to be a part of the spring 2016 Mother Russia study abroad trip.

I strongly believe everyone should experience other cultures. If you never try studying abroad, you will never get to experience the wonderful benefits the experience brings you.

It is the perfect opportunity to enhance your communication skills, gain key qualities needed to become a successful leader in today’s global world and make memories.

“Research shows that experience in other countries makes us more flexible, creative and complex thinkers—if we’re willing to adapt and learn from other cultures,” according to an online article at

Traveling abroad changes students’ perspectives toward foreign cultures and helps students adopt a new attitude, allowing them to make connection among different, and sometimes conflicting, ideas in the diverse work field. This shows future employers that you can thrive in a multicultural workforce, which can lead to more job offers after you graduate.

When you step outside of your comfort zone and enter into another culture, it improves your problem-solving skills by forcing you to adapt to new, diverse situations.

You will build memories and grow as an individual by participating in the daily life of another society, all while making new friends.

You will also have the opportunity to learn a second language, which is always a plus for your resume. When you surround yourself with people who speak another language, your retention rate and fluency in that language dramatically increases.

Not to mention, you will get to learn about foreign cultures, religion, government, communication and pretty much any other college subject first hand. You get to apply what you learned in class or from the textbook in real world situations.

It’s the perfect opportunity to go out and explore the unknown, be adventurous, and ultimately gain a new appreciation for your own culture, all while learning how to be more understanding of others. In addition, you get to try new food, listen to exotic music and see new places.

My study abroad experience changed my life and opened my eyes to the world. I thought traveling the world was something only people with money could do. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine leaving the country at 22 years old, let alone visiting four countries within two weeks.

I feel so blessed that I was able to experience all the wonderful things that we did throughout the trip. I met so many wonderful and friendly people throughout this journey that has forever changed my outlook on humanity.

Texas Wesleyan University offers several study abroad trips each semester, most of which are for two weeks. They are very affordable and drastically cheaper than at other universities. For more information visit, or email [email protected]. There are many helpful resources listed and links to various financial aid and scholarship opportunities available.