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Lindsey Bishop is in love with sociology

by Darian Pierce

Bishop discovered her passion for sociology at Wesleyan.

During her time at Texas Wesleyan, Lindsey Bishop has worked to contribute to many different events and organizations on campus while pursuing her passions.

Bishop chose Wesleyan because her dad, Dr. Mike Bishop, is a professor of graduate counseling on campus. She said, “Choosing Texas Wesleyan was not too hard because I am not a big fan of large campuses.”

Bishop, an Arlington native, was originally a liberal arts major. The main reasons she chose to change to sociology was because Dr. Alison Simons persuaded her to pursue her interest in learning more about society and how people react to different situations.

While working full-time and keeping her grades up, Bishop has been active on campus through the Sociology club, Alpha Kappa Delta, and Mortar Board.

Along with Dr. Simons and Stacie Hill, Bishop helped to organize the community expo event held at Texas Wesleyan last semester. She also coordinated the “Stand with Us Unity” event held on Juneteenth over the summer. Both were events that were hosted by or assisted by the Sociology club or program.

She said that the sociology program is very engaging and both the professors and students in the program are great. She said, “Seeing the professors and students sticking together can be very motivating to continue to stay involved as a student.”

Bishop is big on community involvement and is specifically interested in how people can help fix the community. While her short-term goals are to graduate, get a great job and buy a house, she’d eventually like to use her degree to go into nonprofit and community work.

Story by Darian Pierce

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