Texas Wesleyan’s athletic department officially implemented a mandatory policy requiring athletes to submit to a drug and alcohol screening.

The test policy was finalized in March 2012 after being approved by the Student Life Committee and the trustees. The test is supposed to educate and inform students about the use and effects of illegal substances as well as the harmful effects of alcohol.

The test will also catch athletes who are using illegal drugs or breaking coaches’ rules. Some sports have a no alcohol policy, while others have a tolerance depending on the age of the athlete.

The first round of drug and alcohol testing began Oct. 2 for all sports that are currently in active season such as men and women’s soccer.

-Emma Fradette


For a previous story on the drug testing, visit http://www.therambler.org/2012/03/28/drug-testing-policy-for-athletes-given-final-approval/

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