Dear President Trump, 

Congratulations! You have defied all odds and been awarded one of the most prestigious positions an American can receive: president of our great country. 

I’m writing this on the day of your inauguration, and I’m hoping and praying for a greater future. I’m a pro-choice feminist that supports many rights you seem to be against. 

During your candidacy, many of the disgusting comments you made led me to wonder if you are presidential material. Many Americans don’t agree with me, obviously, because you won the election. 

From saying, “When you’re a star, you can do anything” to making what called “locker room comments,” I believe you have empowered sexual assault assailants and victimized those that have been continuously groped by men similar to you, men who believe if they are handsome or powerful they have the audacity to do whatever you want. 

The night of your incredible win, I sat by my television hoping for a positive outcome. I thought that maybe the world was playing a cruel joke on America. I was sure my day would end in tears of joy, not tears of fear. Before I could go to bed, I had to console my best friend, who fears for her life as an LGBTQ American. The following day I could do nothing but ignore the idea of your win; I was heartbroken and close to a mental breakdown. I felt hopeless and part of me still does. 

In 1997, powerful black women came together to protest for the solidarity of women and spotlight several issues. Now, 20 years after the original Million Women March, millions of men and women will come together tomorrow in several American cities, including Austin, Dallas and Fort Worth, and several other countries to empower one another and let the world know that women and minorities are united and strong. These are not anti-Trump rallies, but rather a way for us to show we have one voice and that voice will be heard. 

I am going to the march in Austin, and I am proud to say this will be my first Million Women March. You can be sure this “nasty woman” (as you called Hillary Clinton) will be standing against everything you stand for. I will not stand for a power-hungry man like you and I will not allow men like you to conquer me. I’m not moving to Canada to get away from you. I’m staying in the country and I’m proud to fight the good fight. Women have been refused multiple rights repeatedly, but times are changing. 

You slogan was “Make America Great Again.” I’d like to see that happen, but it will only happen when xenophobic and misogynistic comments similar to the ones you made during the election season end. I doubt that will happen, but please use your presidency to prove me wrong. 

Sincerely yours, 

A strong pro-choice feminist fighting for her rights, 

Shaydi Paramore 

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Shaydi Paramore

Upon graduating from Trinity Valley Community College in Athens, Texas and receiving her Associates of Arts degree, Shaydi chose to continue my adventure by transferring to Texas Wesleyan University. She is a senior mass communications student and the editor-in-chief for the Rambler Media Group. Shaydi plans to graduate in December 2017 with a Bachelors of Science in Mass Communication. Shaydi has always had a love for the evolution of media and how it has transferred from film to digital and through my continuing education can learn how that occurs. Shaydi hopes to gain a career in theatre publicity as a playbill and poster designer.

In her free time, she enjoys collecting vinyls and comic books, reading, spending time at Half-Price Books, spending time with her fiance and dogs, and taking naps.


  1. Tina Speake
    January 20, 2017 at 9:08 pm — Reply

    Proud of you girl…Stay strong with your beliefs

  2. Steven
    January 24, 2017 at 10:42 am — Reply

    I like how if you don’t agree with the article, they will just delete your comments. Well on your way to being just like the mass media.

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