Senior history major David Estrada was just looking for some free popcorn when he walked into the Eunice and James L. West Library on Monday afternoon.

What he found was a scavenger hunt; when it was done, he had received a free T-shirt and was entered into a drawing for a Kindle as part of Wesleyan’s one-day celebration of National Library Week.

“Initially I came here because they were giving out free popcorn. However, I found the event rather interesting because it felt like it’s promoting libraries in general,” Estrada said. “Libraries are essential to human education and knowledge. If you take away a library then you’ll be negatively impacting a society.”

National Library Week is April 9-15 and is a national event promoted by the American Library Association to raise awareness for libraries, said collection management librarian and assistant library director Liz Bridges.

“My favorite part is being able to interact with all of the students and faculty,” Bridges said. “(It’s good) to be able to share some of the things that we are doing, to get more feedback from some of our students and faculty so we know what we’re doing well, and just being able to chat with people that we see on a daily basis so we know if we’re on the right track doing what we need to be doing.”

Senior psychology major Muhye Hammattah’s favorite part of the event was the scavenger hunt.

“My favorite part of the celebration (was) getting to walk around and seeing things that I haven’t seen in the library,” Hammattah said, “so that’s been pretty cool.”

Estrada also enjoyed the scavenger hunt, but he also spent a large amount of time working on the sticker poster.

“It just caught my eye,” Estrada said. “There are these special color coded letters and you put a colored sticker to a letter. Once it’s all compete it’s supposed to give an image and I’m just eager to see what it will be.”

Both Hammattah and Estrada said they would do the event again next year.

“Yes I would (come again),” Hammattah said, “because it’s very informative on things.”

Bridges said she’s happy to see people engaged and learning about the library.

“We have a lot of fun here at the West Library with each other and all of our patrons,” Bridges said. “We’re just so excited everyone is participating and having fun with us.”

Circulation assistant Elsa Torres shows juniors Paola Estrada and Alanna James the poster at National Library Week on Monday.
Photo by Hannah Onder

Sophomore computer science majors Omkar Main and Ousmane Gueye and senior psychology major Muhye Hammattah (from left) libwalk into Special Collections during the National Library Week scavenger hunt.
Photo by Hannah Onder




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