An illusionist turned water into wine for a crowd of more than 70 students in Martin Hall on Tuesday evening.

After announcing that, “I am Kid Ace and I am from Harlem, New York,” the illusionist started performing his acts, which included having students participate several times.

Early in his hour-long performance, Ace pulled student Rocio Zamudio on stage and had her draw a name of a drink from a bag.

Zamudio revealed it said red wine. Ace then took a bottle of water and poured it into a wine glass and while doing so, the water turned into wine, or at least appeared so.

This illusion was one of several Ace performed in an event hosted by the Programming and Activities Committee, or PAC.

“Tonight’s act is multiple award-winning magician known around the world performing for musicians such as Madonna, Seal and Wyclef Jean just to name a few,” said James, a senior history and secondary education major. “In 2015 the NFL selected him to star in their Super Bowl TV campaign. Want to see a bit more of him? He is on season 3 of ‘Bill Nye Saves the World’ on Netflix.”

Ace’s first performance included him pulling a white bird out of a piece of fabric. Junior psychology and biology major and Student Government Association President Alyssa Hutchinson said that was one of her favorite parts.

“Other than that, (I liked) the fact that he could involve so many people (in the event),” Hutchinson said. “I feel like not many people get involved with (campus events) that.”

The illusionist also did a trick where he made student Celeste Marek hold out her arms to the crowd with her fists clenched. He then drew a magician on his arm and then made it disappear. The same drawing was then found on the inside of Marek’s fist.

Wesleyan student Celeste Marek assists Kid Ace in one of his tricks.
Photo by Hannah Lathen





















This was PAC’s first event of the semester, but James said there is more to come.

“In September, we are hosting an escape room. The sign-up sheet is actually on Ram Space,” James said. “In October, we are doing a midnight breakfast again. It is October 30, so the night before Halloween. I believe in December we are doing ‘Destress for the Test,’ like we did last year with the oxygen bar.”

James said the events are to give students a break and a chance to interact.

“It is community building,” James said.

Students can learn more about the PAC at


Kid Ace performs a trick for students in Nicholas Martin Hall on Thursday. Photo by Hannah Lathen



Kid Ace places his hand on student Harindu Chayaratne as part of the performance.
Photo by Hannah Lathen


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Lathen’s motto is “question everything.”

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