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Students could get their fortunes read or throw whipped cream into another’s face at Thursday’s block party on Dora’s lawn as a part of homecoming week.

Senior history education major Alanna James manned the Program Activities Committee (PAC) table where students could challenge her to a game of rock paper scissors. If they won, they had the option of a T-shirt or throwing a pan of whipped cream her face.

“Originally it was supposed to be Dennis Hall, but he had a baby,” James said.

Having whipped cream thrown in her face felt great, James said, laughing. “It is refreshing.”

Josie Tharp, the president of Nerd Central, helped tell students’ fortunes at the party. Tharp said Nerd Central is an organization based on students’ different passions.

“We made tarot cards based on anime, movies, comics and books,” Tharp said.

Tharp said Nerd Central decided to do tarot cards because it embodies students in looking into their past, present and future.

“It is also a fun, quirky thing that people wouldn’t think of immediately which summarizes our group pretty well,” she said.

The block party was organized by Texas Wesleyan’s Student Government Association. SGA President Alyssa Hutchinson said she was really excited to see all of the organizations involved and SGA Treasurer Alison Baron had worked hard putting it together.

“She has been planning this whole week since the summer,” Hutchinson said.

Cheerleader and music education sophomore Alisha Sharpe said the block party was a fun pregame event before the basketball game later Thursday night. The men’s basketball team beat Louisiana State University-Shreveport 67-65.

“My favorite part is just getting to see all my friends out here,” Sharp said.

As part of homecoming week, there will be a talent show 7 p.m. Friday in Martin Hall. The Wesleyan 5K race is 9 a.m. Saturday at the Oneall-Sells Administration Building and the homecoming game starts at 2 p.m. at Farrington Field.

Chelsea Hanes throws a pan of whipped cream into the face of Alanna James during Thursday’s block party.
Photo by Hannah Lathen

Nerd Central member Josie Tharp (far right) tells students their fortunes during the block party.
Photo by Hannah Lathen

Texas Wesleyan cheerleaders pose for a photo.
Photo by Hannah Lathen


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