Colleagues say Dr. Tito Tubog has impacted the School of Health Professions greatly in the time he has been there.

Tubog wrote in an email that he came back to Texas Wesleyan to teach after getting his Doctor of Nursing Practice degree at the university in 2011.

“I applied in five Nurse Anesthesia schools when I was searching for a teaching job and decided to come back here because I wanted to give back my services to this school,” Tubog wrote.

Dr.Tito Tubog poses for staff photos in front of the Texas Wesleyan flag. Photo from

Tubog wrote that one of his greatest accomplishments is the relationships he has with his students.

“For me, it was the completion, application and approval of the entry level Doctor of Nurse Anesthesia Practice,” Tubog wrote. “I also think that my greatest accomplishment is the excellent relationship we have with our graduates.”

Dr. Heidi Taylor, dean of the SoHP, said that Tubog has contributed the most positive attitude to the school.

“Dr. Tubog’s genuine laughter, compassion, and gentle spirit make him a welcome member of our team,” Taylor said. “You cannot help but feel better once you have been in his presence, and that is a true gift to his students and colleagues.”

Taylor said that Tubog has worn many different hats in the SoHP.

“He has served as a faculty member, Assistant Program Director, and Program Director.  He is now serving students more directly in his role as Assistant Director for Student Success.  He is fondly remembered by all alumni and students seek him out as a mentor and advisor, even after they graduate,” Taylor wrote in an email.

Tubog’s co-worker, Dr. Brian Koonce, said that Tubog tries to know all of his students.

“He attempts to make a personal connection with students so that he knows the needs of each one of them. This is a challenging task when there are more than 100 nurse anesthesia students in each cohort,” said Koonce, an assistant professor of nurse anesthesia and simulation center coordinator.

Koonce explained how Tubog is still dedicated to his education, teaching and learning.

“Dr. Tubog teaches for the MSNA program, the completion DNAP program and the FNP program so he is quite busy,” Koonce wrote in an email. “He’s also pursuing a PhD at another university, but he still manages to make time to meet with students and colleagues.”

Tubog continues to help the SoHP faculty and its students to help themselves.

“I want to say something about self-care and wellness. I think the school has to also focus on wellness for the students and themselves,” Tubog said.

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Miranda Day

When she not out catching flights or screaming her heart out at concerts, Miranda Lynn Day can be found at Texas Wesleyan. As a junior, Day has made sure to make the most of her time at Wesleyan. Day can be found most days in Stella Russell Hall assisting her freshman residents.

Extremely disciplined, goal oriented, and outgoing, Day is also a Ram Camp Leader, Orientation Leader, and member of sorority Alpha XI Delta. Attending Wesleyan since fall 2017, Day has taken as many opportunities as she could while maintaining her “winning others over” (WOO) attitude.

The mass communication major originally came to Wesleyan in hopes of playing softball for the university, but she ended up trading her cleats for a microphone and camera since she’s now a content producer for Rambler TV. Not leaving behind her sporty background, Day will have a focus on sports in her new position.

Day hopes to further her experience in the field of broadcasting and use her outgoing attitude to reach new heights in her career. With big aspirations for her first semester at the Rambler, Miranda is excited for the journey ahead.

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