01 Nov 2017

Car break-ins worry students

Amber Tuma had only been gone 45 minutes when her backpack disappeared from her back seat. “I parked beside the Texas Wesleyan bookstore on Rosedale Street,” Tuma said. “There were other cars there, so I didn’t think anything about it. I was like, ‘Oh my God, my backpack is heavy,’

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14 Apr 2014

Texas Wesleyan crime on the rise

The months of February and March at Texas Wesleyan had a total of 19 crimes reported in campus. Campus security manager Blake Bumbard also has changed the crime log format and makes it easier to follow and more detailed. Starting on Feb. 2 and ending Feb. 26, the month stood

19 Dec 2013

Rash of break-ins sweeps Texas Wesleyan

The office of Dr. Dean Steven Daniell’s, dean of school of the Arts and Letters, on the second floor of Polytechnic United Methodist Church was broken into on Monday morning, Dec. 16 according to Blake Bumbard, security manager of Texas Wesleyan. “Office workers confirm that there was $100 missing from an