16 Nov 2017

Students react to rat in Dora’s

Freshman Elijah Taplin thought he heard silverware drop during dinner, until the Dora Roberts Dining Hall erupted in screams of, “There a rat!” “I videoed it because I didn’t think my friends would believe me,” Taplin said. “One of my friends was like, ‘I bet you won’t post that to

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14 Oct 2015

Dora’s limits the daily waste of food

Colleges and universities throughout the United States are consistently throwing out uneaten food. According to an article on npr.org, the average college student produces about 142 pounds of food waste a year, and college campuses, as a group, throw out an average of 22 million pounds of uneaten food. Very

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12 Jan 2015

Dora Roberts Dining Hall reopens

Texas Wesleyan University’s Dora Roberts Dining Hall reopened Sunday afternoon to staff, faculty, and students. “It’s a nicer environment and we get to use plates,” said Steven Anderson, sophomore accounting major, Monday at lunch. Dora’s now features a central self-serve station for sandwiches, salads and pasta and then a stir

14 May 2014

Texas Wesleyan offers Domestic and Dating Abuse Awareness and Prevention

During the month of April Texas Wesleyan Student life is sponsoring the “No More” campaign to educate and prevent domestic and sexual violence. On April 8 at noon during free period Blake Bumbard, the security manager for Wesleyan, gave a presentation full of information about domestic violence as well as

20 Aug 2013

Ram camp, a treasured tradition

From water dunking to getting down and dirty with mud Ram Camp was the place to be on August 19, 2013. Ram Camp is an annual event to let incoming students and current students get to know one another and get a feel for the campus. Participating in Ram Camp