11 Apr 2019

UCD to feature Tamlyn Wright and Tony Formby as keynote speakers

Sophomore political science major and BSA secretary Blen Hussain plans participate in University College Day with a presentation covering Donald Trump’s presidency. “I have a departmental honor class I am currently taking called American Presidency with Dr. Ibrahim Salih,” Hussain said. “One of the requirements to qualify for honors is

22 Nov 2013

Campus cleanup nets many cigarette butts, neater campus

Many things have changed this semester at Texas Wesleyan starting with the new smoking policy implemented in 2013.  Joe A. Brown, dean of freshman success, had gathered students at Texas Wesleyan to clean up cigarette butts around campus in the beginning of the year. Last year there were more students

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15 Nov 2013

Finding the right campus organization for your interests.

Are you wanting to have an exciting college experience to proudly look back on at Texas Wesleyan? You can… Being involved on campus is very simple no matter what your classification is. Whether you live on campus or are commuter, a freshman or senior, international student, transfer student, graduate student

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