31 Oct 2018

International students share their superstitions

Superstitions such as not walking past black cats and avoiding walking under ladders have played a role in American culture, but they are a much bigger deal in other parts of the world. Superstitions are a major part of Indian culture, international student and biochemistry sophomore Anahita Keer said. “India

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12 Oct 2016

Internationals tell their stories

While preparing for midterms, junior business major Karl Willis thinks back to how school back home would just be beginning. “The semesters are a lot shorter,” Willis said. “They’re only twelve weeks, so if I was back home I would have been starting Sept. 26.” Willis, who is from Northern

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15 Apr 2015

Wall of challenge highlight student issues

Texas Wesleyan student Nabiha Islam is from Bangladesh, and she has struggled with adjusting to life in America. This is the first time Islam, a freshman computer science major, has been away from her family, she said. “Everything is really new to me,” Islam said. “I am trying to keep

13 Apr 2015

International freshmen to “Meet the President” on Tuesday

Texas Wesleyan international freshmen will get a chance to “Meet the President” will be during free period on Tuesday. Wesleyan President Frederick Slabach will welcome and talk to the students during free period in Martin Hall, according to Dean of Freshman Success Joe Brown. Slabach will be joined by several

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24 Feb 2014

Texas Wesleyan Language Company

 With the spring semester here, Texas Wesleyan has had its arrival of new students. These include transfers and international students.  For the international students, transitioning to the Wesleyan culture includes many types of support. One type of support that students among the international student population receives is language class.  Students