13 May 2014

Do you know Texas Wesleyan professor Dr. Tom Smith?

Rambler page editor and acting editor-in-chief David Hagen recently interviewed Dr. Tom Smith of Wesleyan marketing and mass communication departments on his 25th year at the university and 46th year as a college professor. Dr. Smith also has some musical and performance talents that many may not realize. DH: Tell

16 Apr 2014

Texas Wesleyan offers outdoor education class

Rambler TV recently interviewed Sharron Carano, the professor of the camping and outdoor education class, and she discussed applying everything they learned in class to the outdoors by preparing the students for a cookout outside their comfort zone from class. Carano extolled the students’ capabilities towards the camping trip which

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19 Apr 2013

Focus on Professors Part 2: Professor and Award-Winning Filmmaker Shares Love of Religion

[FOCUS ON PROFESSORS PART 2: Many of the professors at Texas Wesleyan University bring not only their academic credentials to their careers, but also hands-on, real world experience that helps to enrich what they teach their students in the classroom. This article is the second in a series of three that