SGA begins election process


SGA Chief Justice William Wick meets with potential candidates on Monday. Photo by Nicholas Acosta

The Student Government Association has begun the election process for next year’s SGA membership.

Students met with SGA Chief Justice William Wick on April 10 and 11 in the Carter Conference Room in the Brown-Lupton Campus Center to make sure they understood the election rules.

They were also given an endorsement sheet; once each candidate gets 50 signatures of Wesleyan students, they can campaign, Wick said. Students are allowed to campaign until April 26.

Wick, a senior criminal justice and psychology major, oversaw the meetings and explained what the rules for campaigning are.

“We got a lot of redundancies and backups and very clear expectations, so there shouldn’t be any confusion,” Wick said. “Every candidate who is running has signed that they understand, so they were given the opportunity to ask questions. If they took it, great. If they didn’t, there’s no excuses for not knowing.”

Candidates will be able to campaign immediately after receiving the 50 signatures. Voting is April 26-28.