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Fixing issues through mutual respect

America’s bitter mood and sense of polarization can be addressed through mutual respect, co-operation unity and goodwill towards others.

America’s mood is bitter to say the least.

 Many American people are stressed from working long hours and receiving low pay; frustrated with an economy of rising prices and declining jobs; worried about a generation growing up in unstable households and a weak education system; and neurotic from a hostile social and political environment which sees everyday citizens quick to hold distrust and ill will toward their peers, friends, and even family.

What I primarily want to focus on is that last point, the division among us. Division is an integral part of America’s history, be it politically, socially, economically – it’s one of this country’s defining blemishes that gets a little better with each passing decade, but never seems to go away.

But the division we experience now came into to its current form from Donald Trump being elected president.

The current division sees Americans mentally pitted against each other as a malignant tension hangs in the air. The actions of Trump and his administration, as well as both Democrat and Republican politicians; propaganda from the media; and so many people choosing emotion over logic – all have given voice to many corrupt and ignorant people, as well as bringing out the worst in fair, law-abiding citizens.

People who claim to be liberals are fervidly launching polemics at others on the basis of race, religion, sex, and gender – the very thing the left has always been known to campaign against. People who claim the right have become deaf – to the struggles of the people around them and to the wrongdoings of those in power whom they’ve elected.

So the situation stands as two wrongs going at it mano a mano to be seen as right, instead of looking for real solutions for America’s problems.

How can we fix this?

Well, the only thing that will truly disperse this tension and finally bring the atonement so many want is equal cooperation – a genuine, unified effort to make amends and, ultimately, have all of us stick together.

To achieve that, the first step is peace. People need to calm down and humble themselves and admit their flaws yet assert their grievances, all in a respectful tone with well-intentioned purposes.

The second step is discussion. People need to collaborate and have open, honest discussions about solutions for problems. Again, respect is a must, and understanding is a big part as well. Offending remarks stated out of ignorance should be corrected by being informative, not offering more offending remarks out of anger.

The third step is action – that is, doing what’s actually preached. We have solutions for or problems, but they’re stuck in our minds. If a few of us took the time to roll up our sleeves and work toward genuine solutions for issues such as pollution or homelessness, these things wouldn’t be issues in the first place. Coming together and putting in hard, sincere work toward problems with no bias, only righteousness will actually see many issues we are facing began to wane rather than worsen.

The final step is to maintain togetherness and build strong relationships that are untouchable by the most fervid conflicts of race, religion, politics – you name it.

Besides having great solutions to many problems clogged in pipe dreams, another big problem in this country is how alienated we are from each other. Cooperation achieved from working through tough issues will help separated communities and small groups mingle with each other and become more like families and less like cliques.  

The result of cooperation can be an America that is both welcoming and promising – a true land of opportunity.                 

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Fixing issues through mutual respect