E3P Program Hosts Halloween Kickoff Party

The E3P Program was established at Texas Wesleyan in 2003. 
Logo courtesy of txwes.edu.

The E3P Program was established at Texas Wesleyan in 2003. Logo courtesy of txwes.edu.

The School of Business and the English Partner Practice Program held a Halloween kickoff party in the Armstrong–Mabee Business building on Tuesday during free period.

The E3P Program, which stands for English Partner Practice Program, was created by the School of Business to assist students who are non-English speaking with their conversation skills, said academic coordinator Amber Procter–Willman. Non–domestic students are partnered with a domestic student to practice communication skills, learn cultural differences, and meet new people within the School of Business. 

Students conversed over Halloween themed snacks, participated in icebreaker games, and received more information about the program.

“The meeting was more of an introduction to the program,” Procter–Willman said. “We offered snacks for icebreaking because usually when you are eating or doing something with your hands you usually aren’t thinking about what you’re saying as much so it made students more open to conversation.”

The meeting also offered students a new opportunity to get involved with the School of Business.

Sophomore accounting major Jada Harper said she attended the kickoff party because she was interested in getting more involved within the school.

“I saw the E3P flyer and thought it would be interesting,” Harper said. “I figured the meeting would help me get to know more people from different cultures.”

 The event was open to all students interested in joining the program.

Sophomore accounting major Jennifer Rico thought the kickoff party was beneficial in getting students acquainted with each other and offering some insight into the program.

“The free food drew me in at first but now that I know about the program, I think it can be beneficial for all students,” Rico said. “Having that experience on a resume can make you stand out.”

The program benefits both students with non-English and domestic speaking backgrounds.  Participants can meet day or night, on or off campus, and can chose their own topics for conversation, Procter-Willman said.

Michael Grey, a sophomore accounting major, said he liked the idea of getting to talk to someone from a different culture.

“I think the experience of talking to someone who doesn’t speak English very well could be very beneficial,” Grey said. “Just getting to know someone from a different culture sounds cool.”

Students who log 10 hours in the program can receive the President’s Appreciation certificate which encourages students to communicate regularly with their partners, said Procter–Willman.

“Students have conversation all day in a classroom with an instructor that is giving them a grade,” said Procter – Willman. “This is a completely different atmosphere; it’s good for conversation; there’s encouragement, and zero negativity.”   

Not only does the program aim to improve communication skills from non-English speaking backgrounds, but Procter–Willman also believes the program will help students in life after their undergraduate degree and within the school.

“It helps students make those connections within the School of Business as well as continuing on with their higher education in America,” he said.

The E3P Program was established at Texas Wesleyan in 2003.
Logo courtesy of txwes.edu.