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How to stay safe while trick-or-treating
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Texas Wesleyan students have been wondering how they can stay safe while trick-or-treating and being around in the Polytechnic Heights neighborhood for Halloween.

“Students have to be mindful when venturing off campus for Halloween,” said Chris Beckrich, director of campus safety and security. “For one, I would say always travel in a group. I would also say to know the area that they are traveling to and also not be looking down at their phones too long while walking. Self-awareness is crucial when walking around the area.”

Safety is the main priority for Wesleyan’s security personnel when it comes to students venturing off for Halloween.

“You really have to be understanding of everything around when going off campus for Halloween. I would say it is mandatory to travel in minimum groups of four,” said public safety supervisor Anthony Garcia. “It’s not often that Wesleyan students go off-campus to trick or treat.”

Many students are excited for Halloween this year. It isn’t often that some students get the opportunity to go trick-or-treating.

“I have never been trick-or-treating because in Nepal Halloween isn’t celebrated like it is here,” said junior computer science major Sagar Harisharan. “I think that me and a couple buddies were going to try and trick or treat a little bit. We are cautious of traveling together and really are just looking to have a good time and get some candy.”

Other students have a different idea when it comes to Halloween and trick-or-treating

“I do not see myself leaving campus and walking around off campus,” said sophomore mass communications major and soccer player Juan Rey. “I just do not really feel safe doing anything in the area surrounding campus.”

Here are Beckrich and Garcia’s top safety tips for trick-or-treaters:

1. Travel in groups of four or more.

2. Be aware of and familiar with the area.

3. Be aware of who and what is around you.

4. Do not be glued to your phone.

5. Make good decisions; be smart.






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How to stay safe while trick-or-treating