Students come together for end of the year hangout


Sarah Benitez, Celeste Marek, and others hang out together at residence life event. Photo by Jeremy Crane.

Residence Life hosted a get-together on Sunday evening at the Stella fire pit to give students a chance to come out and wind down before starting the final week of classes.

Resident  advisor Sarah Benitez said that it was good to see so many students come and hang out.

She said the night consisted of friends, sand volleyball, and a big glass of sparkling grape juice.

“It was a fun time,” Benitez said. “I definitely see us doing it again sometime in the future.”

RA Celeste Marek said that she enjoys hosting events like this because it brings the student residents together.

She said the best thing about hosting events is bringing the Texas Wesleyan community together, building relationships, and growing as a Ram family.

“I always have a good time when the students here get together,” Marek said.

Music major Alli Perez said she went to the event to take a break from studying for some of her upcoming finals.

She said it was nice to have a place to go and relax a bit. Life gets busy so it’s good to find an escape every once in a while.

“Playing volleyball with everyone was fun too, it’s definitely something I would go to again,” Perez said.

Liberal studies major Curtiss Anderson said that he decided to go to the event to hang out with friends and get some free drinks.

He said it was nice to get out of his room and have a place to go to relax. He met some students that he had never seen before so it was nice to be able to talk with some new people.

“I always enjoy on-campus events because it gives me the chance to meet more people and even get some free snacks,” Anderson said.

Celeste Marek (in the Batman shirt), Sarah Benitez (in white) and others hang out together at the Residence Life event.
Photo by Jeremy Crane
Sarah Benitez (left) and Amber Leachman drink sparkling grape juice during the event.
Photo by Jeremy Crane
Students gather to play sand volleyball during the Residence Life’s event.
Photo by Jeremy Crane