SGA to host first 100 runners in Wesleyan 5K


Athletic Representative Lynzie Moore presents the bill for SGA to sponsor runners at the Wesleyan 5K. Photo by Hannah Lathen

Texas Wesleyan’s Student Government Association will be sponsoring the first 100 student runners in the 5K run in November.

SGA passed the bill at Friday’s general business meeting and will allocate $1,000 to the Texas Wesleyan Alumni Association, which hosts the run. Athletic Representative Lynzie Moore presented the bill, which makes each runner’s entry cost $10.

“Texas Wesleyan Student Government Association encourages the student experience with information and support for on-campus activities in every way possible,” Moore said.

Associate Director of Alumni Relations Christian Garcia said that the price to sign up is only $25 and will increase to $35 on Oct. 7.

“In 2017, we had 400 runners, so approximately 600 people on campus for that event and the year before we had about 350 runners so about 400ish people. It can only go up from there,” Garcia said.

Treasurer Anahita Keer said she will be participating the run.

“I think this is great bill,” Keer said. “The Wesleyan 5k has become a tradition as Wesleyan.”

The run will take place on Wesleyan Street from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Nov. 3 during homecoming. Students can sign up at

Vice President Nicholas Davis presented the structure of a new constitution at the meeting that he wrote to replace the current one. He first presented the new constitution last semester during a general business meeting. Under the new constitution, SGA would be broken up into three branches legislative, executive and judicial.

“The judicial branch which would be (Chief Justice) Zack (Lanham) and the associate justices,” Davis said. “The legislative branch would be representatives and the executive branch would be executives executing the things representatives work on.”

Drafting a new constitution comes from the problems Davis said he sees in the current constitution.

“The current structure of SGA limits the things we can do as well as future actions. It kind of limits what we can and can’t do and what falls into our prerogative,” he said.

Davis said there is also a lack of defined responsibilities for the representatives and executives.

“There is a lack of function and utility that holds back our ambitions,” he said.

Davis said there is also an accessibility problem.

“It is not that we don’t work with our constituent base necessarily, it is that the way that we get legislation is not very organic where they can come in and work with us and things like that,” he said.

Davis said he also wants to change the meeting structure from a strict adherence to Robert’s Rules of Order to a short form version.

“It is less formal, but it is very beneficial and productive at the same time,” he said.

In order for the constitution to be replaced, Davis said, the new constitution would have to be publicized and then voted on by the student body.

SGA also passed a bill for a Karaoke Night presented by Representative Phuong Le.

“Last year I had the first one in front of the library and there was a lot of people,” Le said. “It actually lasted longer that it was supposed to. It was a great event.”

The bill allocated $100 for snacks and drinks. The Karaoke Night will take place 6-9 p.m. Thursday in front of the library.

Freshman chemistry major Lukian Sheremeta was sworn in as the representative for the Elizabeth Means Armstrong Hall and and OC Hall.

“I wanted to bring some kind of voice to SGA,” Sheremeta said. “In order to make changes you need to be somewhere up high.”

SGA’s general business meetings are held every Friday at 2 p.m. in the SGA Chambers located in the Sid Richardson building.

Athletic Representative Lynzie Moore presents the bill for SGA to sponsor runners at the Wesleyan 5K.
Photo by Hannah Lathen
Representative Phuong Le presents a bill for funding Karaoke Night.
Photo by Hannah Lathen
EHOC Representative Lukian Sheremeta is inducted into SGA.
Photo by Hannah Lathen