Students learn to combat anxiety at workshop


Richard Jovilette talks to students on Thursday about overcoming anxiety. Photo by Judith Amado

Jackie Peacock wants to learn how to better prepare for tests, so she attended Thursday’s Tackling Test Anxiety workshop.

The 45-minute workshop was held in the testing center at the West Library, and drew about 20 students, according to Richard Jolivette, Texas Wesleyan’s coordinator of academic support & testing.

Peacock said she learned that “being prepared is the key to succeeding in college.”

“The workshop was kind of effective,” said the freshman education major.

The workshop included Jolivette talking about how to approach a test. He also suggested that if noise bothers you when you are taking a test, practice by having a friend make noise while you study.

Jolivette also said that students should not break routines on test days. If you usually go get a Starbucks drink before class, do the same thing on test day. He also gave tips on what to do during a test and how to answer test questions correctly.

“We see a need for information that kids don’t get in the classroom,” he said, adding that he and people he works with discussed “how we can help them (students) outside class and help them survive college in general.”

He said that the workshops have been very effective.

“We get kids that haven’t had a lot of structure, so what we do is try to give them skills that they don’t already have, and I see them working,” he said.

Freshman exercise science major Ashton Williams also attended the workshop.

“I learned more about my personal test anxiety and what I can do to fix it, how to prepare for things rather than dealing with them,” Williams said.

There will be four more Tackling Test Anxiety workshops this semester. The next workshop is during free period on Tuesday. For more information, go to

Richard Jolivette talks to students on Thursday about overcoming anxiety.
Photo by Judith Amado
Richard Jolivette talks about test preparation at Thursday’s test anxiety workshop.
Photo by Judith Amado