SGA kicks off the semester with new members and bills

Four new members were voted in on Friday at SGA’s first meeting of the semester, and four allocated bills were evaluated, along with two new bills being proposed.

New members voted in

The positions of Chief Justice, senior representative, head representative, and athletic representative were empty and needed to be filled. The following students were voted in.

Halle Koonce -Chief Justice

Jennifer Harrison- senior rep.

Christine Davis- head rep.

Raul Cabello Montes- athletic rep.

New bills proposed, amended, and passed

Three of the allocated bills were removed, one allocated bill for rentable calculators was amended and passed, and out of the two proposals, one bill was amended and passed while the other was passed with no amendments.

The three allocated bills that were removed include: the first aid kits bill, the hammock bill and the baby changing station bill.

The leadership event bill

Catherine Smith, a 22-year-old senior marketing major proposed a “Leadership Event Bill” at the meeting, which was passed but amended due to financial discrepancies.

The goal of this event is to increase attendees’ growth as leaders, Smith said.

Smith is extremely passionate about reaching students with this event, saying “that one message could change your life.”

“This sounds extremely valuable and I love everything about this,” SGA President Alyssa Hutchinson said before beginning the discussion.

Other SGA members empathized with her sentiment, while expressing doubts about the dinner and breakfast combo.

Of concern was the fact that the estimated amount provided by Aramark to Smith did not directly correlate with actual costs of the food. The numbers did not add up.

Lexi Barlow also responded. “I love stuff like this, I’m on board for the breakfast. I kind of have reservations about the dinner thing, especially because you don’t entirely know who is going to be at the event yet.”

The bill originally asked for $1000 for two events, a dinner on the eve of Feb. 10 and a following breakfast the next morning with life coach Derek Daniel Guajardo presenting a leadership seminar and meals provided during the event.

After further discussion, the bill was amended to hosting a breakfast-only event on Feb. 11 and Smith was granted $650 by SGA.

Recurrent bill passed with no amendments

The next bill, titled “Student Theatrical Experience Fund Bill” was passed with no amendments and was presented by Arts & Letters rep. Samantha Berg.

The bill was passed after a discussion about various ways the theater department can gather funds outside of SGA.

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