Education program hosts 5th-year M.Ed. Lunch and Learn

The 5th-year M.Ed. program hosted a lunch and learn event in the Nenetta Burton Carter building for junior and senior Early Childhood to 6 grade (EC-6), secondary certification and liberal studies students to have pizza and learn how to earn their bachelor’s and master’s degrees at the same time. It was held on Feb. 4 during free period.

Teva Thomas, a graduate admissions counselor at Wesleyan, presented a PowerPoint lecture and discussion for the students and faculty in attendance.

Thomas is passionate about this program because it makes graduates more marketable teachers, and they can earn their master’s degree in one year at a discounted rate, she said.

Texas Wesleyan is the only university she has advised at that has a program like this for students.

“That’s why I’m so passionate about it,” Thomas said.

Dr. Lisa Dryden also pointed out to the students that the tuition rate is less expensive at the master’s level than it is at the undergraduate level.

Thomas piped in, stating that it’s only $744 per credit hour.

Judy Baker, the coordinator of the 5th-year M.Ed. program since 2018, said that the program hosts several lunches and open house events throughout the year to garner more students to join the program.

“We hope that some of our 5th-year students who get their master’s will come back and do their doctoral [degree],” Baker said.

Diego Nava, a 21-year-old junior EC-6 major, referred to his mother as a source of inspiration when considering applying for a master’s degree.

“My mom, she was also a teacher and she’s been wanting to get her master’s degree too. It would be cool if we could both be in the same class and get them together. I just want to make her proud, pretty much.”

For more information regarding the 5th-year M.Ed. program, email Teva Thomas at [email protected].