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The Rambler is Texas Wesleyan’s Student Voice | Campus Response

Cindy Flores checking out on the computers provided at the Eunice and James L. West Library. Photo by Angela Castillo.

Did you know that there is a student newspaper on campus? 

The Rambler has functioned as a student-run newspaper since it was established in 1917 and has become an online campus news source for everything Wesleyan 

Despite being available to students, some have had minimal knowledge of the newspaper in the past, and don’t realize that it is accessible online at  

Thibault Gasser, junior business major and transfer student from France, has been on campus for one month and was not aware of The Rambler. 

“I wasn’t aware that there was a student newspaper on campus, but I’m very glad there is one and I would like to know more about it, Gasser said. 

On the other hand, Cindy Flores, a sophomore exercise science major, said she had previously been interviewed by Hannah Onder, a staff member of The Rambler. 

It was very very calm, very low-key, very relaxed,” Flores said.  I wasn’t bombarded with questions, I was actually able to take the time to think about my answers, instead of being like ‘next question!’ you know.”  

Flores said she felt she was represented really well and that she was able to be truthful and honest about how she felt. 

“Honestly, despite the fact that many people might not even read it, I feel like it’s a really cool thing because that’s just another way that I’m involved on campus, Flores said. 

Aleli Palma, a senior marketing and management major, said she doesn’t know much about The Rambler but is aware of the school news source. 

“I think you guys just kind of keep updates with school events. I know I’ve read one piece on The Rambler; I think it was Kaylia who wrote over TikTok, Palma said. 

She said she had participated in a video interview for a Black Student Association (BSA) event but was never a hundred percent sure if it was for The Rambler. 

“I mean, I think it’s like I said, it helps us like spread our information really quickly. I’m not sure if everyone saw it [the video interview] but it’s just nice to know that we’re helping each other grow within the school, Palma said. 

Katelyn Smith, a freshman biochemistry major, said she wasn’t sure where to access The Rambler or who reads it. 

“I know it covers basic stuff going on in the school, but also like big events going on outside, just like in the world,” Smith said.  

When asked what kind of stories she would like to see more of in The Rambler, Smith said she wanted to read something fascinating and new. 

“I don’t want to like read about COVID after living through it the last freaking half a year, so just like new stuff that isn’t just repeated, Smith said. 

Similarly, Harris Matthews, a junior English major, said he would want to see more opinion stories. 

I see on social media about all the events that happen, and I already know about that…. If there were opinion pieces, I would definitely check out the Rambler more,” Matthews said. 

Matthews said he would need to see an interesting tagline or headline that really captures his attention to engage with a story. 

I don’t want to go yellow journalism here but something [a headline] that catches my eye, I can’t think of any example, but something with a hook.” Matthews said. 

Want to know more about The Rambler and Rambler TV? Tune in for National News Engagement Day Trivia at 12:15 p.m. on Oct. 6. 

Aileen Chavez, a sophomore business administration major, looking at on her phone. Photo by Angela Castillo.
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The Rambler is Texas Wesleyan’s Student Voice | Campus Response