Chris Beckrich discusses the inner workings of Campus Security and what precautions students can take daily to protect themselves and their belongings at Texas Wesleyan University.


After car break-ins, campus steps up security.

Campus Security has stepped up patrols after multiple vehicle break-ins on Jan. 26 at 2:30 a.m.

According to Chris Beckrich, Director of Security at Texas Wesleyan University understands, the safety concerns students may have while attending classes and is working with his officers to keep students safe.

Nneka Wade, a senior at Texas Wesleyan, is one of the students whose vehicle was broke into.

She parked in front of the Elizabeth Means Armstrong Hall in the front row, an unusual spot for this incident to occur as there are cameras and students in that area.

Wade says she is almost positive she locked her car, but even so, she does not leave valuables in her vehicle for this very reason. 

Wade says that this was a random act in her opinion, and that crime could happen anywhere.

Although Wade is very cautious and was luckily nothing was taken from her vehicle, other people’s belongings were taken from their vehicles.

She said, “Don’t keep your valuables in your car,” and no matter how safe you feel in your location, do not leave anything behind that could tempt thieves.

These cars were not broken into by force. However, the vehicles were left unlocked according to Beckrich. 

Richard Arthur, a senior at Texas Wesleyan stated this is the first he has heard about a crime on campus, but that he always sees campus security when he comes in person.

Students should be aware of their surroundings. Pay attention when walking on campus and “do not hesitate to call campus security if something doesn’t feel right,” said Beckrich.

Chris Beckrich, Director of Security at Texas Wesleyan University. Photo from the Texas Wesleyan Security Website.

Crystal Hernandez is a junior who only comes to campus to meet with classmates or professors. She received an alert about the car break-in situation and feels that she would be able to contact them quickly if needed if provided with that number.

Bailey O’Donnell, a freshman is in her second semester at Texas Wesleyan and is on campus two days a week. “This is a public place, where anyone could walk into the student center, no one stops you or checks your ID,” said Bailey.

Both O’Donnell and Hernandez say an easy change that could be made is posting the campus security number around campus to make the students feel safer, especially at night.

Brooklyn Chisolm, a junior on the other hand, said she feels differently than O’Donnell and Hernandez. She feels safe when on campus and sees security often, keeping an eye on everyone. She heard about the vehicle break-ins and she is happy with the security measures Texas Wesleyan has in place.

Campus security does offer escorts and all you need to do is call when in need of that.

If you need to contact campus security for any reason, the best form of contact is dispatch at 817-531-4911. Campus Security is available 24/7. 

Buildings are kept secure during both in session and in break periods, and campus residents are protected during those times as well.

Photo taken by Chris Beckrich.

Graphic created by Kendal Clark