Eunice & James L. West Library damaged due to winter weather

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  • The second staircase leading up to the first floor of the library is where a stream of water ran down the steps.

  • On the third floor landing of the library a ceiling tile fell from the ceiling..

  • Here is a pile of ceiling debris on the third floor of the library.

  • The flood seemed to start on the third floor of the library where special collections and the head librarian’s office are located.

  • Here is a pile of ceiling debris right before the study rooms on the second floor of the library.

  • In an effort to preserve books on the second floor of the library, books have been covered with tarps.

  • Water dripped behind the wall by the first floor elevator near the Academic Success Center in the library.

  • The worst of the water leak in a part of the library caused most, if not all, of the ceiling to fall in that area.

  • The second floor of the library accumulated the most of the water, creating a set of small pools closest to the group study rooms, right above the Academic Success Center.

  • Here is another photo of standing water and covered books.

  • Looking down from the first floor stairwell to the basement water pools directly under one of the facility staff ladders.

  • On the first floor, the water damage has sunk deep into the carpeting causing it to tear apart at the seams. Replacing the carpet across the entire library could take months.

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