Theatre makes its return to Texas Wesleyan

The production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream will be held at the Kay Granger Mall.

Williams Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream will be held on the Granger Mall from Sept. 30 to Oct. 3. This will be a free production for Wesleyan students, faculty and guests.  

Connie Whitt-Lambert, professor of theatre, and director of this production is excited to kick off the semester with this production. This performance is an adaptation of the classic play, which is written and directed by her.  

“In the Theatre Department we try to give the students a variety of productions styles, and it seemed like a perfect time to do a classic Shakespearean comedy,” Whitt-Lambert said.  “I think the students also need the opportunity to work outdoors and Shakespeare under the stars is a perfect way to blend both.” 

This semester, Whitt-Lambert is offering a unique experience, available for all ages to enjoy. 

“Our first goal is always to provide a quality educational experience for our students through the production program. We also hope that our audiences will have an enjoyable time at all of our productions.” 

Marissa Rozas, assistant stage manager and theatre major with an emphasis in stage management, is also excited for this production, especially after seeing all of the rehearsals and everything it took to get this far.  

“Well, for me, I have to run through lines, make sure they’re actually saying them right,” Rozas said. “I also handle props during the show. So, I have to make sure that all of their props are there. All of that.” 

Rozas also acknowledged all of the hard work every one of them have put into the show, especially during a pandemic. 

“I’ve personally never done a comedy before,” Rozas said. “So, I’m very excited because I’ve seen the rehearsals and they’re all doing really well… [and I’m] excited for other people to see how well they’re doing.” 

Abbey Hunt, sophomore and musical theater major, is playing the role of Peaseblossom, one of the fairies. 

While practicing for her role, Hunt talked about her experiences for getting ready with all of its challenges. 

“Definitely wearing masks on stage,” Hunt said. “And make it like having to explore the idea of performing outside bringing all of our equipment out there, in the rains, protecting our equipment from the rain, all of that kind of stuff, like just a really new way of performing.” 

But, through all the challenges, Hunt believes every single moment was worth it.  

“I guess my favorite thing is just being able to do it despite all the challenges, like we’ve been really successful so far,” Hunt said. “And just everyone persevering and like making it happen for us because it’s what we want to do and that’s what we love to do.” 

Audiences are encouraged to bring a lawn chair or blanket and they’re required to wear a mask or face covering. All shows begin at 8:00 p.m.