SGA held Block Party for students

Students play Cornhole as the block party winds down for the evening.



On Wednesday, Texas Wesleyan’s Student Government Association (SGA) hosted a Block Party event for homecoming. Free food and T-shirts were available for all students who attended.

According to SGA President Kye Lewis, the Block Party was a homecoming staple event prior to the pandemic. To Lewis, the event has always been a good way to show people what SGA is all about.

“This is just a fun way for homecoming to get spirits up, and we were promoting the game, the food pantry here and we’re trying to promote SGA by letting people know what we do,” Lewis said.

Lewis was happy with the turnout, adding how SGA planned the entire event, from set-up to strike and to come up with the free T-shirts as well as partnering with the marketing department and the alumni office.

Mass communication junior, Linda Puga said she heard about the event from both SGA’s social media account and from her two friends, Jasmine Salinas and Callie Naser.

“They were all like, come to the block party! We have food and shirts and so I came, got a shirt, some candy, a necklace and some tacos. It’s a little cold, I was not expecting it to be cold today,” Puga said.

Another student at the event, sophomore political science major Kevin Ren, said he felt this homecoming was a bit small, compared to his high school experience.

“In high school I didn’t go to the homecoming because I was afraid or nervous to go to the homecoming events,” Ren said. “Yeah, it’s good because some people I know about some people in the last year through the pandemic or the online, the social media.”

Ren said it was a good opportunity for students to learn about SGA and give students an idea of what SGA does for them.

Students line dance to “The Wobble” at the SGA Block Party.