Texas Wesleyan votes for Monarchs as Homecoming game nears




Callie Naser, Emily Hunt, Julissa Norment, Jacy Hubartt, Diego Nava and Christopher Deal are currently all in the running to become the homecoming monarchs for Texas Wesleyan.

The idea of a homecoming court is a time-honored tradition where the best person of each grade is voted on to represent their peers. The monarchs reign over the court as they are the seniors.

Callie Naser, senior and treasurer of the SGA (Student Government Association), sees it as a wonderful achievement to have even been nominated and would like to win but is okay if she does not win because of how much she has accomplished at Texas Wesleyan.

“I have remained heavily involved and have continued to receive benefits both personally and professionally from work I’ve done within organizations and events. Whether I win or not, I recognize this as a significant achievement, and I am more than fulfilled and thankful for the nomination by faculty and staff,” wrote Naser.



Candidates Callie Naser and Jacy Hubartt pose after a football game. Photo courtesy of Callie Naser.



Other students, like Christopher Deal, senior and football player, see it as recognition for everything they’ve done to help students and faculty.

“To me, being a Homecoming Monarch means that I was effectively able to be active, supportive and engaged on and off campus connecting with students and faculty alike. It’s an honor to be a Homecoming Monarch,” wrote Deal.

For Emily Hunt, senior and golfer, becoming a Homecoming Monarch will give a little more meaning to the work that she’s been doing at Texas Wesleyan for the last five years.

“This school has been very impactful towards my life and my future, and I am extremely grateful for the time that I’ve spent here. If I lose, I will certainly be disappointed, but I will be happy for those that have won and I wish nothing but the best for them as they receive the Homecoming Court award,” wrote Hunt.

Voting for the Monarchs closed at 4 p.m. on Oct. 27, with the results announced at the Homecoming game on Saturday, Oct. 30.