Brick dedication ceremony celebrates, honors lives lost in the past year, retirees and donors

President Frederick Slabach welcomed the attendees of the 2021 Brick Dedication Ceremony and Memorial Honor Roll to the donor brick walkway in front of the Eunice and James L. West Library On Saturday at 10 a.m.

The event, hosted by the Texas Wesleyan Alumni Association, represented current student reflections by Kennedy Cedillo which was followed by alumni reflections from the current President of the Alumni Association Eric Montoya.

The remainder of the event led with the 2021 memorial honor roll, read by Quentin McGown and Kennedy Cedillo. Dr. Gladys Childs concluded the event with a memorial prayer and President Slabach closed the event with a short speech.

“Well, these are fellow students, fellow alums, donors, family members of the university, and then to be able to recognize them as they pass and to honor the contributions they made not just to the school, but to the community at large, it’s a great honor to do,” McGown said.


President Slabach welcomes attendees of the event, opening the ceremony.


McGown was close to some of the people on the honor roll list and said that the loss is saddening but challenges us to continue the work that they’ve done in the community, on behalf of the university and beyond.

Douglas Spellman, supervisor of the mailroom and copier center, started at Wesleyan in 1983 and plans to retire this upcoming January. “It’s the family and the people here that make this university what it is,” Spellman said.

Spellman lost his mother, Dorothy Spelmon in July of this year. He said the members of the advancement staff had purchased a memorial brick to be placed at the ceremony in her name. His only request was that his own brick be placed next to hers.

“To be a permanent part of the university is indeed a great honor. My grandkids and my great grandkids and relatives – they can come and find both of our names right there together and that is an honor and a privilege,” he said.


Douglas Spellman’s brick lays next to his mother’s as both leave an impact on the university. (Angela Castillo)


Alumnus Jorge Vivar is now a donor but his past with Texas Wesleyan makes him want to give back. Vivar’s father was named Consul of Peru by DFW while Vivar was still finishing high school in Peru. His plans changed from going to study at the University of Lima, Peru for medicine to coming to Texas Wesleyan and looking into opportunities with business and travel.

“I came here and had to learn English and the courses were difficult,” he said. “But I like business, traveling and languages. So I pursued a career in international trade. I got a degree in management and business administration. Texas Wesleyan has been very important.”

Since graduating in 1976, Vivar has worked in international commerce and trade, working with distributors, flying overseas, and developing the program so that international countries can be successful. He had been president of the Alumni Association for the past two years.


Alumni donor Jorge Vivar poses near his brick which honors his dedication to the school through funding and time allotted to the Alumni Association. (Angela Castillo (Taken with Vivar’s phone))


“So, [having previously been president] has given me the opportunity to not only come back, but also to give back to this magnificent institution that we love so much,” Vivar said. “That’s why I continue to participate and help as much as I can as a member of the Alumni Association.”


The 2021 Brick Dedication Ceremony and Memorial Honor Roll is an annual celebration for Texas Wesleyan’s alumni and faculty to commemorate and honor the lives of deceased students, faculty, and alumni and to give recognition to donors and retiring or retired faculty and staff. (Angela Castillo)