Student Affairs celebrates its 5 year anniversary


Veida Dima

Cupcakes, cookies and beverages were served at the Division of Student Affairs celebration.

The Division of Student Affairs celebrated their five year anniversary on Feb. 9 in the Martin Center. They gave out treats and shirts in their office to commemorate the milestone.

The celebration was more than just the birthday of the branch, it symbolized the importance of the department. “ It is a connection between the students and the school. We create a close knit community for everyone at Texas Wesleyan and today we celebrate the start of that connection,” said Stella Ton, a student intern for student activities.

Dr. Dennis Hall, vice president of student affairs and dean of students, highlighted the meaning of Student Affairs, “This division has a high level of representation and that shows the institution’s priority of the students’ experience. Celebrating the division’s birthday is really celebrating the students’ experience.”

Coordinator for Student Diversity & Inclusion Programs Chatashia Brown gave a shirt to biology major Madison Lemming at the Student Affairs celebration. (Veida Dima)


Jacqueline Varela, a freshman, has not been able to involve herself with many of the activities Student Affairs has hosted. As a commuter, her time at school is limited but the impact of the division is still seen. “Student Affairs is so important because it allows all of us to involve ourselves more with the school and meet new people,” Valera said.

On Feb. 1, 2017, the Department of Student Life became the Division of Student Affairs after a change in management. The Division of Student Affairs focuses on the value of the student experience, involving them in a supportive and thriving community on campus while assisting in their success.

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Student Affairs student employee Linda Puga is preparing shirts for students attending the celebration. (Veida Dima)