Wesleyan softball team wants own clubhouse

The softball and baseball teams practice at Sycamore Park, one mile west of campus. The teams do not have a locker room or private restrooms during practice. 

The Texas Wesleyan Softball team has been dealing with the repercussions of not having a locker room or permanent bathrooms to change and shower during practices and game days.

The team currently uses public porta potties located next to the parking lot on the west side of the baseball field at Sycamore Park during practice. On game day, a cleaner and private portable restroom is hooked up to a water supply for players and spectators. 

When junior catcher Khloe Summers goes from class straight to practice, it means she is using the bathrooms in the Sid Richardson Center, then driving to the field located a few minutes down the road from campus.

Summers said she only uses the portable restrooms if they are unlocked, but won’t use the porta potties due to the “crack pipes and used condoms” she has noticed on the ground.

“The water for the portable restrooms is hooked up on the baseball field so without the baseball coach it’s inaccessible,” Summers said.

Wearing the metal cleats in the porta potties damages them, making the player liable for the repairs. However, shattered glass can also be seen on the ground surrounding the public porta potties.

“We can’t even wear cleats into the bathroom,” said sophomore utility player Krysta White. “Meaning we have to take them off going from the field to the bathroom, and going into the bathroom barefoot is not pleasant.”

I think that if the school has the funds to make apartments, then we should have the funds to make a simple restroom and/or locker room eventually.

— Devin Dunn

Freshman second base and outfielder Devin Dunn changes in the restrooms on campus or in her car before practices, and at her house on game days. 

She said, “Some girls have to wait to use the restroom until they are at their dorms or, if you are a commuter like me, we wait until we get home.”

Dunn believes the lack of space is inconvenient for players and their trainers in case of an emergency.

“If a girl passes out, she needs AC and privacy,” Dunn said. “Having a locker room would provide space and resources, such as ice and water, the player and trainer would need.”

When feminine accidents arise, Dunn said players do not have the proper private space or supplies found in restrooms to freshen up.

White wants a place to keep personal belongings, equipment and somewhere for the girls to gather as a team.

“It would give us all a place on campus to feel appreciated,” Summers said.

White points out that other sports departments on campus have designated locker room space, such as basketball, volleyball and football.

Glass and trash can be found all around the porta potties.

“I think that if the school has the funds to make apartments, then we should have the funds to make a simple restroom and/or locker room eventually,” Dunn said.

White agrees, adding how the football team is getting a new facility after only having the program for a few years. 

Summers adds that the university could potentially have sponsors who would be willing to donate to the addition of a facility.

“There could easily be a field house that could provide a baseball and softball locker room with bathrooms for the teams,” White said.

Whether it’s near their field, Sycamore Park, or located on campus, White thinks the team would highly benefit from a designated space. Especially since portable trailers are brought in for both teams during game days but community public porta potties are used at practices.

While it’s inconvenient for the girls, the lack of space is also inconvenient for the families who go support the team at games.

“Many families have children and they have to drive a mile or two down the road to get to a safe gas station to use a restroom or change their baby on a changing table,” Dunn said.

The portable trailer is nicer than the porta potties, so while White is grateful for what the team can have at games, she believes this addition would be a huge step to improve the softball department.

“Coach Gower has always wanted [a team facility] for our team, and she has built the program to where it is at today,” White said.

The community public porta potties are located on the west side of Sycamore Park.


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