Different news agencies like Texas Monthly and CNN are hosting personal stories of women who have been abducted or have been chosen to pay off a debt to come to the United States through prostitution. With the Mexican Drug Cartels on the rise and human trafficking becoming a more profitable business women in all areas need to be more aware.

The idea of “That could never happen to me,” is irrelevant as more local drug cartels like the MS-13 are taking over Texas areas. The reality is Texas is a border country to Mexico and once they have abducted an American girl and brought her into Mexican territory the U.S. patrol is very limited to actions they can take to retrieve victims. Unless the United States plans on going to war over this very issue women everywhere are in danger.

A kidnapping just recently occurred in San Antonio. The girl was taken in broad day light by a white van who rode around the parking lot with the door open. Speaking to Officer Earnest Brown, a cop on the case of human trafficking, he said the most surprising part of the attack was the fact that everyone in the Walmart parking lot was so stunned that nobody helped the girl.

This is a warning to women all over Texas and other border states. Human trafficking is real and on the rise. Be careful when walking to your car by yourself and even more careful in broad day light. These captives are typically drugged, held in systems as strict as prison and forced to have sex with local customers.