Theatre Wesleyan hosted its spring studio voice recital on Monday night in the Thad Smotherman Theatre.

The students presented a combination of singing and piano playing.

According to, the selections included a mix of classic and contemporary Broadway musicals, and songs by popular artists.

Adjunct instructors of voice and accompanists, Michael Plantz and Christine Chambers, assisted the students by playing the piano.

According to the flyer handed out at the recital, some of the performers were Kimberly Owen, Reagan Fraze, Darin Martin, Mariah Kuhn, Tristen Brown, and Alfredo Tamayo.

Junior music major Alicia Smith said she found out about the spring recital online.

“I have friends in the theatre department, so I wanted to come support them,” Smith said.

Smith said she enjoyed coming to see the recital.

“You can only experience it, honestly,” she said. “I couldn’t come last year, and I was really sad because I wanted to. It’s an experience you only get if you come here.”

She said she will be making plans to attend next year’s recital since she liked the performances and experience she had.

“Everyone was just so supportive,” Smith said. “[The performers] were just expressing their hearts, making it so beautiful. I thought it was great.”

Kathy Mckay, Kaitlin McGehee’s mom, was in the audience to support her daughter.

Mckay thought the performance was wonderful.

“I like how different all of the songs were, and loved how comfortable all the [students] are on the stage,” she said. “They kind of each put their own personality into the songs.”

She said her favorite performance was her daughter’s.

“She is a senior and will be graduating in a couple of weeks, so I just enjoyed seeing her on stage,” Mckay said.

Carla Winchester attended the recital to see her daughter Bria Huckaby perform.

“I really enjoyed [the recital],” she said. “It was really entertaining.”

Winchester said she had several favorite parts. She said the performance that stood out the most to her was by Tobin Griffin and Tristen Brown.

Griffin and Brown sang “(You’re) Timeless To Me” from the musical “Hairspray.”

Winchester said her top three performances of the night were by Kimberly Owen, Malik Offor, and Tristen Brown.

She said people who did not attend the recital missed out on a great show.

“They missed some pretty good performances like always because they are always so good,” she said. “[The students] were entertaining and lovely as always.”

Gabe Crowley sings Charlie Brown’s “The Kite” composed by Gesner.
Photo by Carsen Cunningham

Rebecca Nagle sings Bernstein/Sondheim’s “I Feel Pretty” from “West Side Story.”
Photo by Carsen Cunningham

Mariah Kuhn sings “Killer Instinct” from “Bring It On: The Musical,” written by Kitt/Miranda.
Photo by Carsen Cunningham

Rayven Harris performs “Out There” from “The Hunchback of Notre Dame.”
Photo by Carsen Cunningham

Delaney Pricer sings “Right Hand Man” by Kirkpatrick in the Thad Smotherman Theatre.
Photo by Carsen Cunningham

Kristian Thomas performs “What Do You Do With Your Arms?” on Monday night.
Photo by Carsen Cunningham

Richard Givans plays “Beauty and the Beast” on the piano.
Photo by Carsen Cunningham

Alison Baron performs “Scarborough Faire” at the Theatre Wesleyan Spring Studio Voice Recital.
Photo by Carsen Cunningham

Lauren Garza sings “Where Did the Rock Go?” from Andrew Lloyd Webber’s “School of Rock.”
Photo by Carsen Cunningham

Tobin Griffin sings “It’s Hard to Speak My Heart” from the musical “Parade.”
Photo by Carsen Cunningham

Adjunct instructors of voice and accompanists Michael Plantz and Christine Chambers play the piano and assist the performers at the Theatre Wesleyan Spring Studio Voice Recital.
Photo by Carsen Cunningham

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