Family, friends, and students gathered at Nicholas Martin Hall on Thursday night to watch the Wind Ensemble concert hosted by the Department of Music.

Dr. Paul Sikes, assistant professor of music, conducted the students.

The concert included pieces by Ralph Vaughan Williams; Johann Sebastian Bach arranged by Alfred Reed; William P. Latham; Anthony Iannaccone; and Gordon Young arranged by music major Andy Rose.

Rebecca, Robert, and Emylee Pafford were at the Wind Ensemble concert to support freshman music major Lauren Bolding, who plays violin.

The family said it was their first time attending a Wind Ensemble concert at Texas Wesleyan.

While Emylee said she was excited to hear “Come Sweet Death” by Bach, and Rebecca said she was interested in hearing the ensemble play “Brighton Beach” by Latham, Robert said he was excited to hear all the pieces the ensemble had prepared as Bolding was going to be playing a role in each piece.

“I don’t have a specific piece [I am looking forward to],” he said. “I just want to hear her play.”

The Paffords said they hoped they would be able to leave the concert with new a understanding about music.

“I want to be able to appreciate music more,” Emylee said.

Rebecca said she wanted the concert to leave her wanting more.

“I just want the [performance] to be so good that we will want to come back,” she said.

After the concert, Sikes invited the audience to attend their next Wind Ensemble concert and to bring along family and friends.

Alicia Smith, a senior music major, was at the concert to support her friends in the ensemble.

“We want to make sure the audience is full so we come to support them,” she said.

Smith described the Wind Ensemble concerts as being filled with “a variety of music from a variety of time periods and composers.”

“It’s really cool to hear the different sounds of the composers and the different nuances that each composer has in their style,” Smith said. “Live concerts are always great.”

Alumni Michelle Canright said she attended the concert to support her boyfriend Alex Valdovinos, who plays the clarinet.

“I am not a student here anymore, but I like to stay as much involved as possible,” Canright said.

She said students who do not take advantage of the free concert are missing out on “a really good time.”

“[They are missing out] on good fun time with friends and really great music,” she said.

Dr. Paul Sikes directs the Wind Ensemble on Thursday at Martin Hall.
Photo by Elena Maldonado





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