20 Aug 2014

Rambler TV- Weekly Report

Welcome back students and staff to Texas Wesleyan 2014 Fall Semester. Rambler TV has the first episode of The Weekly Report for Texas Wesleyan students. This episode looks at upcoming campus events as well as the 2014 Presidents Picnic.      

17 Aug 2014

It’s move-in day!

The new semester brings a new look and feel to Wesleyan’s historic campus. Improvements began to take shape in the spring. And continued throughout the summer.

15 Aug 2014

Break-in at The Rambler office

The Texas Wesleyan Rambler office in Art North was broken into July 22. Several cameras, video recorders and computers were missing. No one was injured. Dr. Kay Colley, Head of department of Mass Communications, discovered the crime scene       around 8:30 a.m. “At first everything seemed normal” Colley

31 Jul 2014

Subway is now open

The Subway on Rosedale street is now reopen, just in time for the Fall 2014 semester. This is really good news, since Dora’s will be unavailable to the students when the semester begins            

09 Jul 2014

Life after graduation for recent alumni

The Rambler’s own David Hagen, former mass communication major and editor/content producer for The Rambler, is excited about what the future holds. “It feels amazing to graduate, and [the graduation] ceremony was great fun,” Hagen said. “I have two more summer classes, [and] then I can start working in my