18 Nov 2016

What The Rambler means to Wesleyan

As the Rambler celebrates its 100-year anniversary, the following audio slideshow takes a look at what the publication means to the faculty, staff and students of Texas Wesleyan University.    

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16 Nov 2016

Starting Tradition: The Golden Shears Award

For more than 75 years, Texas Wesleyan University has recognized outstanding students, faculty and staff members with the Golden Shears award. The Rambler wanted to highlight students who excelled in academics, possessed leadership skills and were active on campus, and thus the Guardians of the Golden Shears was born. Recipients

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15 Nov 2016

The Rambler: A century of coverage

For the past century, The Rambler has covered major news events both on campus and around the country. The following timeline showcases some of the biggest breaking news stories from each decade. To view the full stories in their original issues, follow the links listed below the timeline.  Jan. 1,

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05 Oct 2016

News Engagement day focuses on the media

Texas Wesleyan’s Mass Communication Department hosted news engagement day on the mall on Tuesday.  The event is designed to get Wesleyan students more involved with campus and local news, said Student Government Association member Alex Lopez.  The event hosted Todd Unger from WFAA Channel 8; the Fort Worth Star-Telegram; the SGA; the Rambler Media Group staff; and Love Your Melon, an