Segetlija getting used to a more casual style


Emilija Segetlija looks ready to go out with friends. Photo by Heather Birge

Emilija Segetlija, a freshmen finance major, has come to America from Serbia and brought more than her bright smile and optimistic attitude.

“My friends told me that the fashion was different here,” said Segetlija, who started playing for the women’s tennis team this semester. “I didn’t realize how different it was until I got here.”

Segetlija came to the United States for the first time in August 2015. She landed in Louisiana, where she would spend the rest of 2015 and the first part of 2016 in an American high school, where she won a regional singles title, according to

“I had looked at her Instagram before she came, and knowing she was from Europe I figured she would have a nice sense of style,” Maggie Brasher, sophomore exercise science major, said.

Brasher and Segetlija have lived together for the past couple months, and the difference in fashion emphasis has been vast.

“In Serbia, we get ready to go everywhere,” Segetlija said. “Here, I can walk around in casual clothes and go eat in sweatpants and it’s normal.”

Brasher said that Segetlija’s desire to dress up has lessened since she has been in America.

“She doesn’t feel the need to dress up before we leave the apartment anymore,” teammate Ashton Willis said. “She still dresses nice for class.”

Segetlija said that in Serbia she goes out dressed up, but comes home and immediately changes into her pajamas.

“I like not having to dress up when I don’t want to,” Segetlija said. “But when I do dress up, I take my time to look the way I want to.”