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Transitioning problems for students

Bullying is a problem at all educational levels; public schools should step up to protect students from bullying across the board.

On Feb. 22, the Trump administration revoked federal guidelines put in place during the Obama administration, specifying that transgender students only have the right to use public bathrooms that match their identities, according to an article in the Washington Post.

The Barack Obama administration had set guidelines for expanded transgender student rights, informing public schools across the country of the importance of giving students the ability to use the bathroom they identify with.

Trump’s revocation means that schools don’t have to do anything to protect their transgender students. With the withdrawal of guidance from the federal and state government, the issue of accommodating to transgender students will create chaos and can a severe and damaging message to those students.

Many schools are disregarding the Trump administration advice and turning to their own boards and administrations to figure out how to guide transgender students.

It is imperative that the school administrations put themselves in the shoes of their students and remind themselves how important it is to protect the students. If school board administrators feel the need to protect their students, they should have the opportunity to do that, however they see fit.

Many state and local lawmakers have continued to enforce any anti-bullying acts and the No Child Left Behind act by adopting anti-bullying policies in individual schools. The policies should reflect the importance of safeguarding LGBTQ students and how they are treated in schools.

The federal government shouldn’t have the right to enforce certain policies on the schools, and the school administrations should have the opportunity to decide the guidelines of all transgender students.

If the administration believes there should be unisex bathrooms, let them. If the administration believes the students shouldn’t be protected, that’s their decision.

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Transitioning problems for students