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5 trends millennials were up to this summer

Number neighbor trend: People on Twitter have been starting this trend where they text their “number neighbor.” You text the person whose phone number is the same as your own except for the last number; up or down one number. People on twitter have had a number of responses; some have been positive and some have been negative. Several people have been anxiously waiting for their number neighbor to reach out, while others wish that theirs never reached out at all.  


Ordering whatever the person in front of you orders challenge: This has become a popular challenge on YouTube and was one of the most popular challenges of the summer. In this challenge you basically tell the person taking your order in the drive-thru that you will have the exact same thing as the person in front of you, regardless of whether you like it or not. It became a fun and exciting challenge as viewers eagerly awaited to see what orders the YouTuber received. If you really can’t stand what you got, have your friend eat it.  


FaceApp trendThis was one of the most popular apps of the summer and allowed you to see what you will look like when you are older. Many people began to post these pictures on social media platforms and it was a fun way to bring some laughs. Many of the photos are quite shocking and made some people fear that this is what their future will hold. Several celebrities participated in this as well, including the Jonas Brothers, Iggy Azalea, Gordon Ramsey, and many others.   


The bottle cap challengeThis challenge was seen all over Twitter this summer and included a variety of contenders. This challenge was started by actor Jason Statham, who spun 360 degrees and kicked a bottle cap off with his foot. Many people started to take on the challenge in a variety of ways: Mariah Carey removed the top of a bottle by hitting a high note and a kid on YouTube used a Frisbee to remove the cap off a water bottle. This became a fun task as people from all over tried to use their own method to complete the challenge, although most people had to try multiple times before they were successful.  


Driving thru the same McDonalds 100 times challenge: This became one of the more frowned upon challenges of the summer as many YouTubers would try to drive-thru the same McDonald’s 100 times, or as many as they could, before getting kicked out. Several people thought that this was funny, while other people deemed it as a waste of the workers time. The vast majority of YouTubers either got bored or were unable to complete the challenge, due to being asked to leave the drivethru. 


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5 trends millennials were up to this summer