The virtual alumni advice panel for graduates on Tuesday, May 11, 2021, at 6:00 p.m. will comprise Texas Wesleyan alumni to discuss “what’s next” for Texas Wesleyan alumni.


The Texas Wesleyan Alumni Association will be having an advice panel on Tuesday, May 11 at 6:00 p.m. for the 2021 graduates to discuss the next steps as alumni.

Three Texas Wesleyan alums will be present to welcome the new alumni and answer any questions the graduates may have. These include Jordan Boone, Melissa Escobedo and Cristal Hernandez-Galvan.

Jordan Boone, 2016

Jordan Boone is a 2016 graduate who launched and is President and CEO of NationTen Brand in 2015, a custom athletic uniform company.

Boone attended Texas Wesleyan because of the location, because he played basketball for the university, and because his father attended here as well. Boone has worked with the athletic program at Texas Wesleyan for his business which has grown tremendously since being a student.

Alumni can be very involved even after graduation. “You always have an opportunity to be involved in something at Texas Wesleyan,” he said.

Boone’s favorite part of being a Texas Wesleyan alumni is the family environment. “Everyone is so welcoming,” said Boone.

Texas Wesleyan has affected Boone and has played a large part in his success.

Boone’s message to students and graduates is to “take chances, everyone is on their own journey and finding what’s best for them.” This is what he has received the most positive results from. “You have control over your own decisions” and a small amount of time that does not go the way you planned is small when you think of how much time there is in life to be successful.

Cristal Hernandez-Galvan, 2000

Cristal Hernandez-Galvan, a 2000 graduate is the founder and president of Hernandez Grants & Consulting, LLC, a woman and minority-owned comprehensive service firm. She is also ambassador for the Fort Worth Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, co-chair of their advocacy committee and State Representative of the Hispanic Women’s Network.

Hernandez-Galvan majored in Business Administration and is participating in the alumni panel to share about her success and life after college.

Students can become as involved once alumni as they want. “I think that’s up to the alumni, they offer a lot of great opportunities and events. If you stay plugged in and you have that heart to give back to your school that supported you, then it’s easy to give back,” she said.

She understands how hard it can be as she had a full-time job and was a full-time student. Hernandez-Galvan enjoyed her time at Texas Wesleyan and has been active as an alum too.

“Endeavor to persevere, it’s a choice. Remember where you started, it’s not where you’re going to end up,” Hernandez-Galvan said.

Being an alumna has affected Hernandez in a positive way. Texas Wesleyan is in conjunction with Hernandez-Galvan’s business event coming up soon. “I applaud them for establishing partnerships throughout the community,” she said.

“Education is the great equalizer, and that paper (your degree) is going to take you far and open the door for what you desire, for what you dream,” she said.

Every time she drives by Texas Wesleyan, she “gets a sense of theres my school” and sometimes becomes emotional as “this is where it started” for her.

Melissa Escobedo, 2020

Melissa Escobedo is a 2020 graduate and established her own Financial Advising Practice under Northwestern Mutual. She is working to establish a non-profit where she can provide free education on basic financial literacy to high school and college students.

Melissa Escobedo and her husband, Ernesto at the Northwestern Mutual Awards 2019. Photo provided by Escobedo.

She wants to be involved more and looks forward to being a part of this event. “We will talk about things that help us and give advice,” she said.

Escobedo loves Texas Wesleyan and was sad she had to finish her final semester at home due to COVID-19. She chose Texas Wesleyan for the smaller class size and “it ended up being exactly what I needed,” she said.

“Don’t stop. There are a lot of people who hit a rough spot…. You have to push through and be grateful and grow from it. It will make you stronger and better,” said Escobedo.

Overall, that is her message to students. “It is your life. Figure out what you want and go for it,” she said.