Wesleyan’s new Blackboard login causes issues

The new Blackboard login page requires students and faculty to sign in with their Texas Wesleyan email address. (Chiara Watson)


Texas Wesleyan University has changed its Blackboard login system as of March 1. Students and faculty now require their Wesleyan email address and password access the Blackboard website.

Using the old login system, the IT department recognized that there was an issue with students and faculty being locked out of Blackboard when attempting to log in. The new login system is designed to correct that problem.

This system also helps students and faculty sign on to all websites and applications that recognize Office 365 logins, such as Outlook and Ramlink. Once signed into Blackboard, these applications will recognize the user as already logged into the system.

This change, however, has not come without its difficulties. Some students and faculty have reported issues with the new login.

Student Charles Trammell, a third year education major, has had an issue with getting into Blackboard. Trammell said, “It kept saying error” everytime he tried to enter the website. “I don’t prefer the new way to log in at all,” he said.

Students and faculty are experiencing error issues when attempting to log into Blackboard. (Chiara Watson)

Third year Jakaria Thomas, an undecided major, shared a similar experience. When logging into Blackboard, Thomas said, “It won’t let me log in or even go to the page.” Thomas was frustrated as her login error occurred while trying to do homework.

However, this experience has not been the same for everyone. Assistant Professor of Business Administration Heida Reed had no complications logging in on her personal laptop and it was a smooth transition. Her only struggle was with her office computer. When dealing with the error, Reed said, “I followed the prompts to log out and back in and [had] no problem.”

The IT department is aware of the complications and has listed prompts on the login screen to assist users with the process. If users come across any other issues, they can contact the help desk via email [email protected] or visit them at their office in the basement of the library.