Police presence increase in response to Sunday’s shots fired

A Fort Worth Police car sits parked near the gate at Wesleyan Street on Monday night.

In response to shots fired on campus late Sunday night, Texas Wesleyan University has increased the presence of the Fort Worth Police Department and campus security around the school.

A statement issued Monday afternoon by Vice President of Student Affairs and Dean of Students Dennis Hall notified students that “Campus Security and FWPD continue to have an increased presence around campus, including the residence halls.”

One of these new measures is found when students enter the gates.

Students are now being asked for their name, place of residence and room number.

The most visible change however has been around the residence hall parking lot entrance. FWPD cars and campus security golf carts have maintained a presence since Sunday night, monitoring the area.

Reactions have not been completely positive about the increased presence. Freshman Brooke Boyd has lived on campus since fall 2021 and said that with the extra police “I feel safer, but I also feel a little bit more uneasy” and “having that constant security around makes me feel like I should be paranoid even though I didn’t do anything.”

In a follow-up statement from the university, Chris Beckrich, director of campus safety and security said, “In my 30-year history as a FWPD officer, I can tell you that no emergency situation is the same.”

He continued by addressing the importance of staying calm during emergency situations. “I value the close working relationship Texas Wesleyan University has with the FWPD and appreciate their quick response time,” he said.

The university reminds students to report any suspicious activity using the contact numbers below as the FWPD continues their investigation.

TxWes Campus Security
Emergencies: 817-531-4911
Non-Emergencies: 817-531-4290
After Hours: 817-531-4911

Fort Worth Police Department
Non-emergency police line: 817-392-4222