05 Apr 2019

Student tutors talk about their experience working at ASC

Classes at Texas Wesleyan can be hard, but there are several students at the Academic Success Center that are here to help their fellow students succeed. The ASC student workers tutor 57 subjects, including writing, and can be found on the first floor of the West Library. ASC helps students

04 Apr 2019

Human Trafficking: A former student’s story

Rebekah Charleston has much to celebrate. Charleston received her bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice at Texas Wesleyan in December 2016 and her master’s in Criminal Justice from the University of Texas at Arlington in December. This summer, Charleston will also be celebrating an event that has been 10 years in

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31 Mar 2019

Enactus enables students to get involved on campus

In her first few days at the Texas Wesleyan campus, transfer student and junior general business administration major Karen Duarte-Escobar was feeling like a lost outsider until she was invited to her first Enactus meeting. She was invited by her professor and Enactus advisor, Dr. Meghan Wright. She immediately started

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06 Mar 2019

Veganism takes root in Texas Wesleyan’s Cowtown community

Texas Wesleyan may be located in “Cowtown” but the university is home to a diverse population of students, faculty and staff, which include vegans and vegetarians. Academic Coordinator for Liberal Studies Beth Jackson has been a vegan for five years. She decided to make the change at age 38 after

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