Ward discusses professionalism with students

Dr. Elizabeth Ward said Tuesday night that teachers always have to be aware of their surroundings.

Speaking to around 20 students at a clinic teacher meeting at Lou’s Place, Ward, an associate professor of education, said teachers need to remember that they must always be professional, even if they are not at their workplace.

She also said that teachers must “have relationships” with students and “advocate” for them. Teachers should look at the “cause” that a student might misbehave in class.

“Don’t look at the reaction, look at the cause,” said Ward, the director of field experiences. “It might be because they did not eat” or they are having trouble at home.

Ward also said teachers must be prepared for class.

“Knowing your content,” she said, is important. “You can’t just show up and wing it.”

Senior education major Jacquelynn Olalde said the meeting “went good.”

She said her goal when walking into a classroom is being “able to help every student. They all get the concept.”

Senior education major Emilia Eagle also attended. She also talked about what she likes to do with her students.

“I like doing discussions with kids, ask them questions, make jokes with them,” she said.