Students display talents at Painting Your Appreciation event

Texas Wesleyan University R.A. Azeez Akande hosted an event called Painting Your Appreciation in the Stella Russell Hall lobby on Wednesday night.

Azeez said he hosted this event because of Valentine’s Day, which is Friday.

“I did this event because I felt that painting is something that everyone could enjoy no matter how good or bad they are,” he said. “If you unfortunately cannot afford a gift for someone then give them this painting from the heart.”

Azeez said he brought the event back this year because not a lot of people came last year; another RA hosted the event in 2019.

The paintings were done on flat rectangular canvases placed on high and low round tables. Students used pencils, paintbrushes, pallets, and an assortment of colors to bring life to their art.

Among the 10 or so students that came was freshman Robert Bradshaw, who painted a character named Gohan from the popular television show “Dragon Ball Z.”

When asked why this was his choice for the painting he said, “A lot of people underestimate Gohan and I wanted to do him because I relate to him. He is a half-breed, so people underestimated him growing up. I have my dad’s full name. I am a junior and growing up not being just like my dad, I was also underestimated.”

Freshmen Jada Daniels painted a pink background on canvas with a small amount of red at the bottom. On the top layer, she used black paint to spell out the phrase, “Forever and Always.”

Daniels’ reason for the painting was simpler than Bradshaw’s.

“I couldn’t think of anything else to paint, so I thought that since it’s Valentine’s Day, I will be cheesy,” she said.

Freshmen, Cindy Florres, painted a fighting game character named Hazama from the video game “Blaz Blue.”

“I enjoy this character’s personality, and I wanted more decorations in my room of him. He is one of my favorite anime characters,” Florres said.