Evie Whorley stars on the Texas Wesleyan Basketball

It’s a Saturday and after she’s finished basketball practice and all of her homework for the week, the day is Evie Whorley’s. She makes her cookie dough, and then she selects her cookie cutters and carefully cuts out her cookie dough and arranges the raw cookies on her pan. After they’re done baking and are cooled, she sets about to the best part of her task: icing them with royal icing. There’s nothing more enjoyable than putting the icing on and then watching as it smooths its own surface down. After she’s done with the last cookie, she can sit down and admire her handiwork. 

It isn’t just baking that she is passionate about. Whorley has been a guard on the Texas Wesleyan Women’s Basketball team for four years alongside her teammate Makayla Coy and her coaches Steven Trachier and  assistant Chardonae Fuqua’. She’s a third-generation Wesleyan student who’s graduating in the spring with a degree in business management. She plans on coming back in the fall to get her master’s degree in general business administration. In addition to her basketball and student duties, she’s also a rambassador at Texas Wesleyan. 

“I think that Evie is the perfect teammate and friend. She is always super positive on and off the court and is always there for you whether it is to talk or to hang out. I am so happy that basketball gave me the opportunity to meet such an extraordinary person,” Said Coy. 

In her spare time, she enjoys baking all sorts of things. Specifically on her list are pecan pies, cakes and cookies that are decorated with royal icing. 

She’s played basketball since she was three years old and she’s been in love with the sport ever since. Her most recent achievements is from Texas Wesleyan University. She was nominated MVP of her team in her freshman year at Texas Wesleyan and the last two years running, she’s received an honorable mention for all conference. 

“Evie has been a four-year starter for our program. She has been an All-Conference player as well as our team’s MVP.  But more importantly, she is an exceptional student and an even better person.  She is easily the hardest working athlete I have ever coached.  In life you meet very few truly remarkable people.  Evie is remarkable!” said Trachier. 

She was also named all-state player twice during her high school career. This should come as no surprise considering she received her first MVP trophy when she was twelve years old. 

While she loves the sport, she’s ready to leave playing the sport and is content with watching people play and succeed in the same way that she, herself, did. 

On being a student athlete during the pandemic, it’s been tough for her because while the basketball season has resumed, at Texas Wesleyan, the stands are empty and the only thing on the court is the sounds of the basketball game. 

“Evie has been a joy to coach! When I first came to Wesleyan she was just beginning her collegiate career! I have watched Evie grow not only on the court, but in life as well! She’s an excellent student and will be going into the MBA program next Fall! She is by far one of the hardest workers I’ve been blessed to coach. She’s a great defender and the best 5’5 rebounder I’ve seen in while, with a 40min. motor! I’m just thankful I get to coach her for an extra year!” said Fuqua’. 

She does have the benefit of having a warm, loving family and team who can help her stay positive and happy as they navigate these unprecedented times together.