Person pursued by FW police crashes car on campus

Fort Worth Police inspected the crashed vehicle.

Fort Worth Police pursued a person during a car chase that ended at Texas Wesleyan University campus Tuesday evening. The incident occurred in front of the Martin University Center and the driver was apprehended after they fled the scene on foot.

University officials alerted the Texas Wesleyan community with an all clear after being notified by the Fort Worth Police Department that the campus was no longer in danger. “The incident happened quickly, therefore, the all-clear was given at the same time the alert was sent out to the TXWES community,” in an email statement given by the university.

The car crashed near the Martin University Center, leaving debris on the ground.

The person was driving a black car and crashed into cement blocks in front of the Martin University Center. Debris from the car was found on the ground near the incident. Several police vehicles surrounded the scene and officers were inspecting the car.

Fourth year theater major Douglas Fournier witnessed the arrest of the suspect by several police officers near the Nicholas Martin Hall. “I didn’t even get [the all-clear email] until 5 minutes after I’d already witnessed everything that happened,” he said.

When asked about safety on campus, Fournier said, “We’ve got so much security and so many cops around here, [incidents] usually get resolved within 5 to 10 minutes anyways.”

Stella Ton, a second year marketing and finance major, witnessed the police activity at the crash site. “The car was really damaged, and the police were digging in the car,” she said.

This is the third incident to occur this semester that has compromised the safety of Texas Wesleyan students, faculty and staff. “It’s concerning but it’s out of the school’s control,” Ton said. “And we can all see the school is trying their hardest to make sure the students are safe. All we can do right now as a student is be more cautious!”

Police were involved with 2 other incidents near campus. Shots were fired on campus near the dorms on April 18 and a stay-in-place alert was activated on May 3.

Fort Worth Police gathered after a car crashed on Texas Wesleyan University campus.